Grapy skin cream with grapefruit aroma

Your skin plays a vital role for you. It is the largest organ you have and it works day and night to keep germs out and moisture in.

Removes imperfections easily

Simply apply the solution to any unwanted skin tag or other imperfection and watch them quickly disappear. It's safe for all skin types.

Powerful, all-natural solution

With the natural and organic selection of ingredients you can safely and naturally turn those troublesome areas into perfect-looking skin.

Works on skin tags everywhere

No matter where that annoying imperfection might be, Grapy is a fast and effective way to get rid of them, doesn’t matter where they are or how big they are.

High-quality solution

Grapy is a suitable product for different skin types, even for the most sensitive parts of the body, because it has a proven effective and natural herbal extract composition. You will no longer have to conceal areas of your body and be ashamed.

While your skin does a remarkable job of repairing itself against everyday attacks, it can thrive with a little support from you. And a little bit of effort can go a long way.

Natural ingredients’ benefits:

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar gently attacks and takes down the root of skin tags, causing them to decrease in size and ultimately disappear.

Arborvitae of white cedar works by boosting your immune system to resist the appearance of imperfections, helping to naturally attack and remove them.

Australian Melaleuca oil
Australian Melaleuca oil is naturally antibacterial and antiviral and it helps your skin battle the imperfection and cleansing your skin.

Frankincense oil
Frankincense oil is renowned for its antiseptic and cleansing properties which assist in evening out skin imperfections and fighting impurities.

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